February Futsal and Indoor Training Schedule

New Indoor facilities rules and regulations:

Dream Center ( 829 W Atlantic St, Springfield, MO 65803 )  

Shrine Mosque ( 601 E St Louis St, Springfield, MO 65806 )

Dream Center - ONLY Non Marking indoor and tennis shoes are permitted on the floor.  All water and gatorade bottles must be kept in the locker rooms or Betty suites (1 or 2). No beverages of any kind will be permitted on the court. 

Shrine MosquePlease park in the bank parking lot across from the pool hall. DO NOT park in the back parking lot of the Shrine. The front side door will be open for players. DO NOT enter the back downstairs entrance.  VERY IMPORTANT:Absolutely no one is allowed downstairs or on the third floor and no playing in the halls! Players and their guests are limited to the auditorium.