Springfield Demize vs. Texas Outlaws RECAP

Demize play strong in first Pro match

 Take a look back at the Springfield Demize’s first Professional Arena Soccer League match against the Texas Outlaws, in Dallas, Texas.

 The Springfield Demize played their first professional match against the Texas Outlaws on December 19th, 2009 at NYTEX Arena in Dallas, Texas.  With a list of experienced strikers on the Outlaws line up, the Demize were sure to have their hands full.


The game started out methodically, each team looking even throughout the opening stages.  Demize goalkeeper Chris Hanlon had four saves and one shot block in the opening seven minutes, with the first goal coming from Alex Sabando half way through the opening period.  Keegan Hudson took a crack at goal for the Outlaws, but was unable to beat Hanlon.  Sabando tried his chances with four minutes left in the quarter, aiming true again.  The Demize goalkeeper continued to have a stellar first quarter performance, listing three more saves before Shaun David made it 3-0 with only 19 seconds left on the clock.  The Demize were limited to four shots on goal, with Bradley Stillwagon shooting three while Brad Moser forced the Outlaw Keeper into a save.


The Outlaws were first out of the traps, shooting four times in the opening three minutes, forcing Hanlon into two saves.  Dominic Schell had the opening shot, but followed the initial effort to clench the opening goal of the quarter.  Jamie Harrigan made it 5-0 before Danny Collins pulled one back for the Springfield Demize, a low hard shot to the far corner with Stillwagon getting the assist.  Michael Gow and Taylor Stacy forced the keeper into two saves before Jeremy Brown scored with six minutes to go in the quarter, the score 5-2 after Danny Collins’ assist.  Focus was dropped as Edison Abeleda hit back 30 seconds later, with David hitting for his second a minute after that.  The Outlaws finished the half hitting two quick fire goals, with Sabando and Renato Pereira both scoring in a 30 second window.  Hanlon ended the half with another eight saves, with three shot’s blocked.


The third quarter was a subdued period, with the Demize taking more of their chances.  The first 10 minutes saw Hanlon make five saves and block three shots before Hudson was rewarded for his efforts.  The Demize took advantage of an Outlaws lapse of concentration, stealing a slack pass in the Outlaws final third with Brett Thomas doing all the work to get one back.  The Outlaws forced Hanlon into three more saves en route to netting twice, Jamie Harrigan and David hitting the back of the net.  Hanlon finished the half with four more blocked shots, ending the half with eight saves and seven shot stops.  The Demize shot five times forcing a save before Thomas hit his goal.


Hanlon made two saves in the opening three minutes of the fourth quarter, with David hitting again.  Renato forced Hanlon into two saves before David was on target again, with Arboleda adding an insurance goal with ten to play.  The next five minutes were quiet, with neither team able to get a shot off.    Outlaws captain John Andrews got the final goal for the Outlaws, before Thomas assisted Jeremy Brown for his second of the night with 1:22 left in the game.  Hanlon ended the quarter with another eight saves, blocking just the one shot.  The Demize listed six shots, three of which were saves.


Up next for the Springfield Demize, a trip to Kansas City Kings who finished runner-up in the PASL National Championships last season.