Meet Marcelo: The Demize Academy's Newest Coach

Meet Marcelo: The Demize Academy's Newest Coach

As the Demize Soccer brand continues to grow at each level, 2019 NPSL standout Marcelo Hernandez is all-in. The Ecuadorian native had a successful summer as one of the four Demize NPSL players selected to the All-Conference team. Marcelo is now playing with the Demize PASL team as well as coaching Demize Soccer Academy's u10 and u11 boys teams. He has an excellent soccer resumé having played professionally in Ecuador, America, and Guatemala. Marcelo has also been an assistant coach for Concordia University Nebraska where he also served as a strength and conditioning coach. Marcelo looks forward to his work with the Demize academy teams. "I’m excited to work together towards a common vision. I want to show that successful teams always look for win-win situations. Compromise on anything less is deemed a failure, so great teams are exceptional optimists who find ways of working where everyone gets something, and no-one comes out a loser," he said. Marcelo is happy with the state that Demize is currently in saying, "Demize is an organization that is very collaborative. The parents of the youth academy are working extremely well with one another. Also, I have to say that all the parents and the kids are very inclusive which means diversity is welcomed and appreciate." Marcelo has a very optimistic, hard-working attitude that Demize is excited to bring onto the Demize Soccer Academy coaching staff. He is excited with the direction that Demize is heading in following the successful 2019 NPSL season. "I think Demize is going to the right path of success, you can see that in the academy coaches are instilling “team spirit” and that is what gives so many professionals teams an edge over their competitors. The Demize 2019 NPSL team showed this season that if everyone pushes things that come into their hands a little higher up towards the heights of excellence, you can achieve everything you want," Marcelo concluded. Everyone at Demize is excited to see the success that Marcelo bringe in the upcoming PASL and youth academy seasons!